Sunday Group Management utilizes team members with creativity, drive, and a diverse skill set. Founded in 2003 by Matt Cleary after a successful effort as head of Competition Public Relations for the then-thriving Skip Barber Racing School, Sunday Group Management has steadily grown based on the firm’s strong network of relationships, remarkable work ethic, integrity, consistent follow through, and high-quality written content.

With clients that include race teams, event sponsors, race series and race drivers, Sunday Group has established a reputation for excellence.
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Sunday Group Management generates value by developing identity and exposure for motorsport organizations while maintaining the highest level of integrity, loyalty, and ethical responsibility.


To be recognized as a leader in the sport by supporting future growth based on the excellence of our work, and to be an ongoing contributor to the growth of motorsport and our clients' success.
  • Sunday Group Management did an excellent job managing the media outreach for our championship campaign for us. They helped to build relationships with the media on our behalf, and their pro-active approach helped us to make the most of the opportunities that our on-track results created. Sunday Group initiated the promotion of our ‘Expect to Win’ ethos and brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to our interactions with the media, social media, and the public on our behalf.

    Bob Johnson
    Action Express Racing
  • Since the very first day we worked together at Daytona in 2004, Matt (Cleary) and his team have been relentless in their effort to raise our profile as an organization. They use so many tools– social media, videos, and how well they get along with all the broadcast guys— to get us out there in creative ways. It’s helped us not only create a great relationship with our fans, but it has also been a part of the growth of this team for over a decade now.

    Mike Shank
    Michael Shank Racing
@TheCrotchBelt love Salama trying to get him and his bud light into the photo
A little before and after from a pretty long but hella productive day
A little before and after from a pretty long but hella productive day
Took this shot on #indy500 grid--who knew these guys shared a birthday as well as a love of that race!? HBD @jdouglas4 @michaelshankrac
Pre dawn commute @mazdaracewaylagunaseca
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Live coverage- should be another awesome race catch it on FS1!
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@SpencerPumpelly wondered exact same thing looks man made and maybe even had vehicles parked in them? Seemed remote tho
Giddy up @mazdaracewaylagunaseca here we come
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Managed to resist. Didn't let myself post this until I was out of there! Hope I don't go for the leftovers tomorrow... #agencylife
When @eaglecreek says #nomatterwhat about supporting their stuff, they mean it. Impressed with their customer service...big thanks for the new gear!
Some @porsche "faces" from @pirellicupusa
Found photo: some cool #indy500 cars from June