Media Relations Programs

Each client is unique – and that idea drives everyone at Sunday Group to find the best solution for every program we support. Sunday Group has extensive experience developing and implementing strategic communications plans for our clients. To support these programs we build and maintain active, positive relationships with media members.

Innovative Social Media Management

The pace of communication has accelerated, and we love that. Working in a sport that often relies on real-time information dissemination, social media plays an increasingly vital role in any strategic communications plan. Integrating client branding and tone into this crucial category, Sunday Group Management has expertise in managing social media efforts to develop and engage new audiences, grow client presence during race broadcasts, and support the fan experience.

Active Media Pitching

Competition for attention is fierce. Each year the amount of space devoted to motorsports in newspapers and sports in newscasts dwindle, with no guarantee for coverage. By actively pitching unique and creative story ideas, Sunday Group is able to gain a larger voice and share of coverage for our clients.

Broadcast Liaison

No matter how long a race is, there simply isn’t enough time for a story on every team or an interview for every driver, so not every team or driver will get TV coverage during a race. However, there is always time for a good story. Sunday Group creates those story lines and leverages our long-standing relationships with both on-air talent as well as the broadcast production teams to create added attention for our clients which yields additional screen time on this all-important medium.


Through our network of client relationships, Sunday Group has worked with a wide range of highly capable photographers, allowing us to provide consulting to find the right solution for every property that we work with based on audience, content usage, and budget. (image: Wes Duenkel)

Team and Event Management

With a long history of motorsports event management, from specialized media events to significant public and spectator events, Sunday Group Management team members know how to plan and execute whatever the event calls for.

Web Developmnet

The internet is everything, and a central component to any strategic communications plan.  Sunday Group provides strategic planning for teams, drivers, and brands to execute their online presence and activation. From concept to going live, Sunday Group creates a clear path for our clients to develop a strong online presentation.