Podium Momentum For Strategic Wealth Racing
July 8, 2016
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Michael Shank Racing with Curb/Agajanian Carries Podium Momentum North

Michael Shank Racing is fresh off of a podium finish of third in the Sahlen’s 6 Hours of the Glen held last weekend. John Pew, Ozz Negri, and Olivier Pla combined for the team’s first-ever podium finish in the Sahlen’s 6 Hour after having placed fourth in the race six times. At the final restart with 15 minutes to go in the race, Pla delivered a stellar run in the final laps as he chased down the two Daytona Prototypes ahead, but without the same corner-exit torque and speed of the Daytona Prototypes, he was unable to advance further up the order in the waning laps and took third at the checkered flag.