Campaigns utilize a range of tools, from social media to press releases to plain old handshakes and conversations with key media members. And sometimes, they utilize a case of water bottles and a race tire.  

Establishing a new racing identity:
Rising Star Racing Media Launch

Rising Star Racing was formed with dual goals: to help further the careers of talented and deserving young open-wheel drivers and to create corporate sponsorship opportunities to support those drivers into the future. 

Sunday Group Management was retained to establish the profile and credibility for the effort. Launching the program with a driver announcement at the PRI show in Indianapolis generated instant recognition for the campaign as the press event was attended by key endemic media members and generated significant initial interest in the program. 

The launch was a straightforward case study of establishing goals on behalf of the client, developing a plan to reach those goals, and executing the process on behalf of the client to generate the widest scope of attention.

Audi Sport customer racing—taking the updates to the guests Rolex 24 At Daytona

As Audi Sport customer racing committed to a strong support program that saw the legendary four rings roll right into Victory Lane at Daytona, Sunday Group was tapped to provide in-race updates for the large group of dealers and guests on hand. With the ambition of keeping everyone up to date through a long race distance, we filmed various players (drivers, team members, etc.) to keep the guests engaged and in the know. This video is a morning fog update from Brad Kettler, technical director for Audi Sport customer racing, during the 24.

Audi’s guests received text updates via an opt-in system that directed them to the latest updates. These video and text updates were a great way to keep the Audi guests engaged and updated as the effort proved to be a winning one, with the No. 24 AJR with Audi Sport customer racing entry leading a dramatic 1-2 for Audi.

Michael Shank Racing Wins 2012 Rolex 24

When long-time client Michael Shank Racing won the 50th Anniversary Rolex 24 At Daytona, Sunday Group set to work coordinating the massive amount of media that developed following the win as well as developing a plan to expand the media coverage of the historic win.

Overall, Sunday Group helped generate over 251 million media hits for Michael Shank Racing throughout the event. Additionally, Sunday Group produced a compilation video of the event which can be viewed here: