Transcript: Simon Pagenaud Mid Ohio July 1

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Transcript: Simon Pagenaud Mid Ohio July 1

Meyer Shank Racing
Simon Pagenaud
Saturday July 1
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Honda Indy 200

NBC Sports (Dillon Welch) What goes through your head as you experience that?

“It was a hell of a ride thats for sure. We had something go wrong and I couldn’t slow down. I tried to make the corner anyways. I know that gravel is deadly, Michael Andretti has done it so I guess I joined another legend so thats cool I guess.  I was just trying to bail out. Its down hill, which is nuts. The car took off, I hit the gravel and it just rolled.  I’m just glad i didn’t go over the tire wall.

“So glad that we have the aeroscreen, so thankful that the IndyCar has the aeroscreen.

NBC Sports (Dillon Welch) Was that the wildest ride you have taken in your career?

“Yes, for sure.”

NBC Sports (Dillon Welch) How tough is it for you to put this aside and get back into the car and go fast again?

“I’m ready, I can get back in right now.  It’s not a problem. It will be the doctors decision, there is a protocol to follow to keep the drivers safe.  We will see what they say. But very unfortunate day for us. But I we got some TV time I guess!”

NBC Sports (Dillon Welch) Physically, you feel ok?

“Yes, I feel fine right now”

Georgia w Indycar: 

Simon first and foremost physically how are you feeling? 

“Well, I’m here and I’m talking with you guys and I was very well taken care of by the INDYCAR medical team. The cars are super safe and I want to thank the Mid-Ohio fans waiting there for the little cheer when I got out of the car, it’s good to feel that support.  It is a big shame for the 60 team,  something went wrong and I couldn’t slow down.”

Georgia w Indycar: 
Can you dissect those moments as you were flipping—everything happened so quickly but what were you seeing? 

“You know, in the car for us things don’t go as quick as it looks on TV. So we kind of slow down the image, it is incredible what the brain can do. And I can dissect every moment of it. You know, you go into survival mode and I’m just so thankful because it’s so safe. It’s incredible.

“The Aeroscreen is, is huge. Certainly as I was rolling,   I was very thankful for the Aeroscreen knowing you know we’re in a very treacherous gravel bed, which is not very good for the safety there. Something to improve in the future for sure.

Georgia w Indycar: What if it rains?
“If it rains I’m okay because you know the thing is, is we have a backup car to get ready.  It’s obviously gonna be down to the medical team to clear me. It was a pretty big hit so there’s a protocol to follow.

“But at the end of the day, if it’s raining, I’ll be alright I’d be because the problem is, is I’ve lost so much track time now and it’s so competitive. The track evolves so much that I’ve lost a lot of ground so it’d be hard to be competitive in a dry situation, but if it’s raining, my chances are good.