The Off-Season Hot Takes – Amy Greenway

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January 6, 2021
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The Off-Season Hot Takes – Amy Greenway

What strategy do you have to make the most out of the off-season?

– Trans Am is fortunate enough to capture enough video content through the season that we have so much that we don’t use it all during a race weekend. So reusing footage to create something new and fresh is a strategy we use in the offseason to keep social buzzing and engaging. We also dip into the video archives from the 90s back to repost full races from the “Golden Era” of Trans Am. Fans really enjoy that and it reintroduces the series to some of our younger fans.

Was there anything you took away from the 2020 season that you want to work on for the upcoming season?

– If nothing else, 2020 taught me how to navigate the Delta customer service hotline to get a real person on the phone right away. I feel like that is a skill that should be added to my CV. But in all honesty, I really enjoyed Trans Am’s Esports and the driver Quarantine Confessions video series. Both were Covid19-forced content that showed drivers on a more personable level.


How do you continue to push yourself year after year?

– Setting goals is really important for me to be able to push myself each season. I set small incremental goals and a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) for the season so I always have something to strive for.

What tools do you use to find inspiration and trends for social media content?

– I like to think people follow our accounts for trend-setting inspiration.


What are some goals you have for Trans Am that you want to achieve?

– Since SGM took over series management for Trans Am, one of our main objectives has been to activate a younger fanbase. Being more active on Instagram was a huge step for Trans Am in 2019. This year drivers took over InstaStory during three-day events and interacted with Fans live. That gave us a huge surge in engagement and net followers this season without spending a budget to do so. The introduction of the Trans Am by Pirelli App with live streaming also really boosted our reach to younger fans not only in the states but world-wide. To build on that success, we will be rolling out TikTok this season to support the rest of our social strategies

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone interested in motorsports public relations?

– Come in with thick skin. You’re going to be constantly beat down mentally and physically, your work will always be under a microscope and sometimes you’ll be in high pressure situations where emotions get the best of people and that’s taken out on you. Just remember not to take it personal, because a positive attitude will always be your saviour to success.

What is one thing that happens during the off-season work people don’t normally see or know about?

– Meetings. Most of our off season (especially this year) has been spent in planning meetings, because every week there’s a new development with COVID-19 preparations and protocols. This has caused us to make two action plans, one that follows the current schedule and a contingency plan just in case it doesn’t.

What event on the 2021 schedule are you most looking forward to? The Music City GP in Nashville.

Being a series representative you work with your fair share of drivers and teams, how do you manage working with and effectively communicating with that large of a group? Since we work with a lot of international drivers/clients, WhatsApp keeps us all connected no matter what part of the world we are in.

What is your off-season guilty pleasure? Working in my pajamas from home, well, that’s been my guilty pleasure all of 2020 I think.

What is your favorite home cooked meal? Rob’s spaghetti