A New Perspective: A Rookie to Racing

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March 20, 2022
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April 4, 2022
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A New Perspective: A Rookie to Racing

If you told me six months ago I would be traveling to work an IMSA race weekend, I would’ve had a lot of questions for you. As a recent graduate of Purdue University, I didn’t think I would be working in motorsports, but I can’t say I am completely surprised. Racing is something that I had always wanted to learn more about as there were corners I hadn’t even explored.

It was somewhat of a coincidence that I found Sunday Group Management. The job seeking process can be quite frustrating, but when a window closes, a door opens. After speaking with Maddie about what Sunday Group consists of and what their goals included, I was quite intrigued. I was transparent on where my technical knowledge of racing was, but here I am. I grew up primarily on the NFL, NASCAR and the PGA Tour, so my Sundays have always been booked.

I am a quick learner but a visual one. When Matt disclosed I would be traveling to Sebring about a week after I started, there were some nerves but also relief. I think when your goal as a PR professional is to make and maintain relationships it’s better to be thrown in immediately.

Entering Sebring, I really didn’t know what to expect. My eyes and ears were open to learn all I could and apply it as fast as I could: what places I could explore, where the internet worked best and what the heck all these different acronyms mean. I met so many helpful people this week, and everyone was so welcoming. I apologize I might not remember your name the next time I see you, but I’m great at recognizing faces! My first impression of everything: I think I am in a great space to grow Sunday Group, our clients and my professional and personal self.

I am excited to continue to pick up bits of knowledge in motorsports PR and all the great people involved from crews to fellow media members. What a week to begin at Sebring!